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Creative Relaxation Courses in Rural Brittany, Portugal (2012) and the U.K.


Flexible, though up to 5 days can be catered for.


- Discovering Woodcraft.

- Getting the feel for wood and exploring its potential; splitting and shaping wood

- Learning to use woodworking tools safely; relating the tools to material

- Learning to sharpen and maintain tools

- Making a stool or chair or a simple implement such as a hay rake

Aims of course

If you have ever thought that you would like to try your hand at woodwork but have not had the time or facilities, this is the course for you. You will experience the hidden beauty and versatility of this most magic of materials and will help you re-discover the primitive desire to be creative.

The location of the open-air workshop is conducive to a gentle pace of work whilst offering a magical atmosphere of relaxation. The village of Locuon is situated high in the central region of Brittany some 11 kilometres from Rostrenen, at the head of the Scorfe valley that runs down to the picturesque market town of Guemene sur Scorfe.

A short walk from the workshop is the beautiful Roman Carriere or quarry. This fairytale hollow surrounded by beautiful beech and chestnut trees is dedicated to Our Lady, the Virgin Mary. The recently restored stone and timber eglise or Church dating from the 14th century, stands at the edge of the village.

Short Courses

One day short courses in the rudiments of green woodworking are available throughout September and October. Short courses are designed for you to gain essential wood-skills that will inspire you to go on to the more advance greenwood courses, either here in the U.K. or in Brittany or Portugal.

Items such as a simple turned garden ‘dibber’ through to a rake or basic post and rung stool are achievable on a one-day course. Materials may in some cases be partially prepared to save time but the essential component making will all be down to you.

Tools and Equipment

You will have the opportunity to learn how to use basic woodworking tools and equipment in relation to unseasoned wood. Tool maintenance is essential for good results and at all times you will be encouraged to keep your tools in the best condition for the job.

Portable Power tool use will be kept to a minimum and only encouraged where the alternative would be unreasonably time consuming.